How to hack Wi-Fi password?

By | 14 October 2017

To hack Wi-Fi connection is possible and easy to do.The internet is one of the most popular inventions of human kind. Today, everything is available on the internet from a pen tip to international trip you can find whatever you want on the internet. It helps in doing research and sending emails.

Also, it is available in the form of hotspot and Wi-Fi in many places like coffee shops or subways. But the worst thing about it is that it is not free. Most of the time it is password protected, making it hard for people to access. That’s when hacking comes into play. In order to access a secure network, hacking is necessary. Hacking is the way to access the internet when in need and also if you want to have some fun. So we have discussed below a guide on how to hack wifi password.

How is Wi-Fi network protection?

Before hack wi-fi someones´s password, you need to know how it is protection works. The thing with wireless connections is that they transfer the data on the form of encrypted code. Wi-Fi uses the security keys to encrypt this data. To access this  network keys it needs the password which eventually connects you to the Wi-Fi.

In the world of encryptions, there are two different types. One is WEP and the other is WPA. Now the WEP is the most basic type of encryption, which can be easily hacked. It is unsafe for using a wireless network because it allows hackers to hack into the network easily. Its use has declined over the years, but still there are a lot of people who are still using it today, which makes it easy for hackers to get access to their Wi-Fi.

Then there is WPA, which is comparatively more secure in terms of protecting the password and keeping the hackers away. There is one way to hack a WPA and that is by cracking the code of passphrase. This basically includes trial and error method. A strong password makes it Impossible to crack into WPA network security.

Special tools for hack Wi-Fi passwords

The fastest and easily crackable network is WEP, which will be the main focus of this guide. The apparatus required for this one is a wireless adapter that is compatible with it, a wifi’s commview and at last an Aircrack-ng GUI.
CommView for the Wi-Fi – This is the software that is designed for capturing the packets and that too from the Wi-Fi adapter. This software is available for free on the prior website.
Aircrack-ng GUI- After capturing the packets, this software’s work is to actually crack the passcode of the Wi-Fi. This one is also available for free.


Compatible Wireless Adapter- This is the first step towards cracking a password and maybe the most important tool that is necessary for the step.
Setting up the Commview for the Wi-Fi
This is the first step towards hacking wifi. So download that software and install the software on your device that you are using for hack Wi-Fi. Once installed, run it. Then search for the available networks. Once the search will begin, the Commview will show you the list of networks in your neighborhood that are in range. These networks will be shown in terms of their signal strength and the type of security used in them.

Now choose the target for Wi-Fi network that is WEP encryption secured. Try to choose the one which has the best signal as this will increase the chances of your hacking in becoming successful. Also, remember to choose the network of WEP that is having the lowest number of dB ratings.

Once selected, click the capture. This will allow you to capture the packets from the network. Usually Commview captures the packets from all the available network. If you want to capture packets from selected network and want your wifi cracker to work then right click on the chosen network and then just copy the address (MAC address). Now go to the Rules tab available on the screen. Now choose the MAC address and enable the option of “MAC address rules”.


For action, select capture and then add the record for the both. Now paste the MAC address that you copied before. If you copy the packets only from the chosen network, it will allow you to do the hacking faster and easier. So now you have to save the packets. This saving is for hacking the Wi-Fi later. For saving, go to the tab for logging and there you will see a feature for auto-saving. Click on that feature. Now set the maximum packets directory to 2,000 and also the average of the log file to a number 20.

This will help you in saving the packets for later for easy hacking.
Now you have to be waiting for the data packets. This step will take a lot of time and that’s why it needs a little patience. It might take some time to collect the data packets, but you need to make sure that you have the required amount.

Now, once you have collected the minimum amount of data, it is time to export all the packets. For that, go to the log tab. Now choose the concentrate log. Now you have to choose the saved logs from before. But remember not to close the commview as it is still needed for the final steps.
Now open the log-file. There select the file, then select export and then go to the option of wire-shark tepdump. Now you have to select the location of the export. Once exported, the file will appear in a .cap format.


Now all that is left is to crack the wifi password. For that, download Aircrack-ng where you have to look for the Aircrack-ng GUI. Now run the software and pick the WEP. Now choose and launch the saved .cap file. Then type in the chosen wifi network’s index number. This will show you the wireless key and you will be able to hack the wifi’s password. This tool for Hack Wi-Fi password works mostly every time.

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