Our Story

It has always been our desire to help create something that will be of assistance to the regular people that are unable to pay extra charges for Wi-Fi. We are passionate computer programmers who love to develop something special as well as innovative type of computer software that is capable of enhancing your daily living. And having the idea of providing totally free Wi-Fi which everybody can access freely this gives us satisfaction, and consequently, we created the Wi-Fi i hack 2021.

  • Software Reach 92%
  • Portability 90%
  • Customer Satisfaction 95%
  • App Diversity 89%
David Ogle support team

David Ogle


David was responsible for the design of the WiFi hacker app from concept until it was published.

Robert K. Temme developer of wifi hacker

Robert K. Temme


The engineer who developed the software from scratch. Robert joined our team of programmers after learning about our goal of creating the WiFi hack 2021.

Barry Roberson

Barry Roberson


Before the WiFi hack 2021 was published on our website, we had to make sure that the application was operational. Consequently, we added Barry to our team. His extensive experience made him a big asset to the team and the successful completion of the project.