Hack Wi-Fi and crack Wi-Fi Password from Android Easily

Wi-Fi hacking seems to be normal nowadays. Lots of developers claimed that they have apps that doesn’t have any restrictions or risk that will allow you to hack the Wi-Fi password with just one click of the button. Maybe you already encounter those types of apps that don’t really work. In order to successfully hack the password, you need to exert some effort and follow a set of instruction carefully.

Different Methods on Hacking Wi-Fi Password from Android

Perhaps, you are always thinking on hacking the Wi-Fi password of your friend’s device. This thing is quite possible on non-rooted and rooted devices. Here are some ways on how to crack those passwords.

WPA2 WPS Hacking

Before you start with the process, you should first check if your device has all the requirements. Make sure that your device is rooted. Examine the chipset of your device; it should at least have Broadcom 4330 or bcm 4329. This means that this type of hacking will not work on HTC Desire, Nexus 1, Galaxy s2/s1 and Nexus 7 since they did not meet the required chipset.

wpa2 wifi hacking

Search for the bcmon.apk; download and install it on your system. This is important since it will help in the monitoring of your chipset which will support your PIN hacking.

After installing the bcmon.apk, activate the application and choose ‘monitor mode’.

Install the latest reaver.apk that has the power to crack the PIN in order to effectively retrieve the password.

Once you completed the installation of reaver.apk, run the application. You will then have to confirm that you will not use the program on illegal purposes. Choose the APN (Access Point Name) that you wish to hack and then click continue. During the process, the system will require you to verify that you are in the ‘monitor mode’ before you can continue. Verifying monitor mode will activate the bcmon.apk screen again.

Check the settings; make certain that the ‘Automatic Advance’ is enabled.

Lastly, it is now time for you to start the cracking process. Click the ‘starts attack’ button. It will normally take more than 2 hours to completely hack the WPS password.

WEP Router Hacking

Just like the hacking technique aforementioned, this also requires a rooted device. The chipset should also meet the minimum level of requirement.

Install bcmon.apk in your device and activate the ‘monitor mode’ again. After running the monitor mode, click on the ‘Run bcmon-terminal’ and then type the command ‘airodump-ng’. Press Enter. The airodump will then start to load and after it is completed you will then be directed to a command system where you will need to enter the command ‘airodump-ng wlan0’.

After you finished the first stage, a list of MAC address will show. Copy the MAC address.

wifi router password hack

Scan the channel; this is essential before you can start the hacking procedure. After collecting information on the APN, type the command ‘airodump-ng -cchannel#–bssidMAC address-w output ath0’ then hit Enter. This will start the scanning process. Make sure that it will reach up to 30,000 packets.

In order to successfully hack the password, go back to the terminal. Make certain that you reach the desirable number of packets. Type the command ‘aircrack-ng output*.cap’ and then hit the Enter on terminal.
After you successfully hack the password, the system will give you a notification ‘Key Found’. The key will then be displayed in the hexadecimal structure. When entering the password, eliminate the colon or the point. For instance 43:57:29:12:19 should be written in 4357291219.

Password Scrapper

Password Scrapper has got to be one of the most useful applications that you can use for Wi-Fi cracking. Compared to the methods aforementioned, this does not necessarily require a rooted android device. This has the capacity to scan for the available network and hack it.

wifi password scrapper

Download and install the password scrapper apps in your android device. Run the application.

Click refresh in order to retrieve a list of available network.

Once you completed the process, the system will present a list of network. Notice the icon that resembles a green lock at the side of the network.

Click on the icon and the system will automatically connect you to the Wi-Fi network. However, it may take some time to successfully connect to the network. The capacity of the program to break the password is limited on its dictionary.


AndroDumper is another useful Wi-Fi cracking application. Just like the Password Scraper, it does not require a rooted device. In order to successfully use the AndroDumper in hacking the Wi-Fi password, follow this step-by-step procedure.


Install the AndroDumper.apk into your android device and activate it.

Click the refresh button located on top of your screen. This will recover a list of available Wi-Fi network.

Choose the ‘try connect’ option and the application will try to connect and hack the device. Unfortunately, the hacking ability of this device depends on the words listed on its huge database.

WPS/WPA Tester

This application only supports the latest version of Android Operating System, so make sure to update your OS before you use this application.

Download and install the WPS/WPA Tester.apk into your android device. Run the application after you successfully install it.

Click Refresh

The system will create a list of available network. In case the Wi-Fi network has an icon with color green, this means that the application can easily crack the password, on the other hand, if it shows red this means that the network is protected by a strong password.

Choose only the network that comes with green icon to automatically hack the PIN.

It should take only a matter of time before the application can hack the password of the network.

In case you have completely done the instructions we mentioned above, the system will sometimes ask you to input the pin. It will show three types of PIN that you need to try. In case none of them works, this means that their router is completely secured which is why you need to try different pins.

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