The Difference Between WEP, WPA, and WPA2 Wi-Fi Passwords

By | 15 September 2017

Hack WPA/WPA2 Wi-Fi Password in 3 steps

Before going into details of how to hack WPA and WPA2 Wi-Fi password, it is better to know what that is. WPA and WPA2 mean Wi-Fi Protected Access and Wi-Fi Protected Access 2. Created by the Wi-Fi alliance, these security protocols work to secure wireless networks.
But there was an exception, the Wi-Fi was made in such a way that it can be easily hacked into. The feature, Wi-Fi protected setup easily allowed users to break into WPA and WPA2, giving them full access to the internet.
But there came a time when WPA2 took over the place of WPA because it had more procedures to do certification and testing. The WPA and WPA2 security which does not use Wi-Fi is very much unaffected by hackers as there is no loop provided to hack into.

How to hack?

Method 1- Requirements for hacking into WPA and WPA2

There are obviously some things required to hack WPA and WPA2, but it is certainly not the knowledge of hacking. Just basic things like USB Wi-Fi adapter, Win cap software, a WOS (windows operating system), Net Framework 4.5, Dumpper software and Jumpstart software and an available WPA or WPA 2 network in the range is all that’s needed.
After downloading the required software, follow the steps given below to hack a WPA and WPA 2 network.
Step 1:
Open the software Dumpper once installed. Now, after opening the software find the network adapter setting. After finding it, there is an option to scan. Click on the “scan” button. The scanning will show all the available Wi-Fi networks in the range in the dialogue box.
Step 2:
Once you’ve done the scanning process, go to the WPS tab available right next to the network tab. After going to WPS setting, you will see a lot of options there.
Click on the “All networks” setting for scanning all the available networks. Then click on the scan button. This will scan the networks that can be hacked into easily. These networks will probably have a higher range. So choose the one which you want to hack. Try to choose the network with a higher range.
Step 3:
After choosing the network with a higher range, click on the “start jumpstart” option available below. This will initiate the hacking process automatically. There are no manual steps, just install the jumpstart software before starting the process for convenience.
Step 4:
Once hacked, you will automatically be connected to the network. The best part is that you’ll be able to see the passwords and other details of the Wi-Fi network just by clicking on the profiles of the network that you hack.
Just click on the required network to see the password and other details of the network that you want to hack into. There is also another way of doing this.
For that, go to networks in the taskbar and right click on it. After doing that, click on the “open network and sharing center” option. Then go to “connection: network name”.
This will take you to the properties of the network you are connected to. Now select the “wireless properties” option. In the wireless properties, click on the security tab button where you’ll most probably find a “show character” dialogue box, clicking on which will show you the password you are looking for.
This is by far the simplest way of hacking into WPA and WPA 2. It can easily help in hacking into Wi-Fi enables routers.

Method 2- This method requires Kali Linux OS.

Let’s start
Step 1-
First, open the “Kali Linux OS” and install the software “Reaver”. It is very popular among the hackers.

Hack into wpa2
Step 2-
Now open the command prompt where you will give all the terminal commands. This will help you in the further process of hacking into the WPA and WPS 2.
Step 3-
Now to unzip the Reaver, you need to give terminal command “unzip reaver-1.3.tar.gz” in the command prompt.

Reaver Wireless domination
Step 4-
Now you are supposed to change the reaver’s directory. For that give the terminal command “cd reaver-1.3”. This will change the directory of the reaver.
Step 5-
This step is to configure the application and then compiling and installing it. For that, give the terminal command “./configure && make && sudo make install”. This is the most important command as it is crucial for initiating the hacking procedure.
Step 6-
Now it is time to scan the access point that you can hack and copy the MAC address of it for future use. For this process, give the command prompt “sudo iwlist scan wlano”. After that, it is important for setting up your device in monitor mode by giving the terminal command “sudo airmon-ng start wlano”.
Step 7-
Now your tool is ready to be used. You can run it against any access point you want by giving the command prompt “reaver –I monO –b <MAC address> -vv” and then wait for the procedure to finish. Once it finishes, you are connected to the WPA or WPA 2 network in your range.
This is also an easy way of hacking into other people’s Wi-Fi.
Remember that these methods can only be used against the routers that have enabled the Wi-Fi or else it won’t work. Both of these methods are tested and they give a maximum guarantee of success.
Hacking into WPS is pretty easy as it is pretty vulnerable to attack because of its security procedure. It is generally accessed with random 7 digit numbers giving you more than 9 million possibilities and there are software and procedures that can easily access these codes without sweating. This WPS pin once discovered gives the full access to the Wi-Fi which can be used for different means, visit this link for more info. These procedures might not be very successful on the new techs and Apps because of advancements in their security procedure. But still, they can be used in the traditional models with low-security procedures involved giving you are higher chances of hacking successfully.

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